The basics of using eyebrow makeup

The basics of using eyebrow makeup

Your eyebrows help to highlight your eyes and frame your face. While some people are born with perfectly arched eyebrows, others might require some help. Using eyebrow makeup tools can help you enhance your eyebrows for that perfect look. Your eyebrows help in framing your face and enhancing your eyes. Even a woman with the perfect eyebrows needs to use eyebrow makeup to get the right look.

The tools
In order to get the perfect eyebrows, you’ll need your eyebrow pencil, spoolie brush (the one that looks like a mascara brush), a sponge brush, and finishing gel. You may add eyebrow powder, pomade, wax, and other brushes to add more depth and intensity to your brows.

General tips

  • Light-haired women should darken their brows for more definition, while dark-haired women should lighten their eyebrows to make their eyes stand out.
  • For dense or coarse hair, and grey hairs, use a brow pomade or gel to help smooth the hairs and keep them in place.

Finding the corners and midpoint of your brows
Take a long thin pen or pencil, long enough to stretch from below your nose to above your eyebrows. Now, place the lower end of the pen so that it aligns with the edge of your nostril, and tilt it so that it aligns with the inner corner of your eye. Follow this tilt to the eyebrow point, to find the starting point of your eyebrow. Now, still holding one end against the nostril, tilt the pen so that it aligns with the midpoint of your eye. The point at which the pen now touches your eyebrow is the arch-point or midpoint. Now, tilt this end of the pen toward the outer edge of the eye to find the endpoint of your eyebrow.

The makeup process

  • First, use an eyebrow brush or spoolie to brush your brow hairs upwards and outwards toward the arch and then towards the end point.
  • Now use your eyebrow pencil to draw lines above and beneath your brows, as an outline, then use your brow brush to smudge those lines.
  • Using your eyebrow pencil, draw light strokes following the natural direction of your brow hair to fill in the brows.
  • One should remember to never begin at the edges. Start at the middle, because the initial strokes tend to be heavy and this can make the edges look too dark.
  • You can use brow powder after you have used eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows, and add depth.
  • For thick, unruly hair, use a pomade or tinted gel to smooth the brows, and get the hair in place.
  • If you have used pencil or powder, take a tiny bit of gel on the brow brush and lightly brush over the brows to hold the makeup in place.

Filling in your eyebrows to create the perfect shape and tint enhances the beauty of your eyes and adds definition to your face. Choose the eyebrow makeup products that suit your brow hair type and color. Finish with a brow gel to prevent streaking, and to make the eyebrow makeup last longer.

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