Impressive DIY ideas for making home-based lip balms and treatments

Impressive DIY ideas for making home-based lip balms and treatments

The cosmetic industry senses the importance of lip care and has flooded the market with various ranges of lip balms products and treatments. However, the chemical used in the manufacturing of these products contains carcinogenic compounds and allergic properties. Therefore, in order to use lip care products with no side effects, girls can utilize the everyday kitchen ingredients for making organic lip moisturizers. Some of the fascinating DIY ideas to create useful yet easy lip balms have been discussed here.

Rose and white chocolate
Crushed rose petals and powdered white chocolate create fascinating lip balms and treatments. Not only does this concoction emit an enchanting aroma, but it also keeps the lips hydrated and moisturized. It also adds to the appearance of the lips by adding a subtle rose tint and a shining radiance.

Lip balm made of lime
Lime scent is always rejuvenating and has a fresh feeling to it. The application of lip balm made from lime moisturizes the lips without being heavy or sticky in consistency. It is a useful yet simple homemade DIY idea for creating lip balms.

Raspberry lip balms and treatments
The main advantage of wearing a raspberry lip balm is that it gives an impressive intense pink color to the lips. It is due to the natural color of the raspberries, thereby not requiring the use of extra coloring to highlight the lips. Thus, it makes the lips look hydrated and adds color to them.

Honey, vanilla, and orange treatment
A combination of these natural ingredients emits an enticing fragrance. This concoction works effectively to moisturize the lips and prevent the occurrence of irritation on the lip surface. The essence of orange lends a feeling of freshness when applied on the lips.

The pink colored grapefruit can prove to be beneficial for healing dry and chapped lips. Lip balms and treatments that comprise this organic ingredient lend a subtle color and scent when applied on the lips.

The scent of chocolate truffle
Vanilla oil and cocoa butter are the two ingredients used for creating chocolate truffle lip balms. This mixture nourishes the lips and also gives out a beautiful aroma of blended vanilla and cocoa. Although they produce negligible color, chocolate truffle lip balms and treatments provide adequate nourishment to the lips.

Honey lip care balm
It is widely known that honey has antibacterial agents that make it ideal for treating skin irritation and infections. Lip balms and treatments made from this natural ingredient are effective in keeping the lips moist in the right consistency, without making them look too sticky.

Lavender vanilla lip scrub balm
This homemade scrub lip balm is ideal for the winter season. Although the concoction is sugary and rugged in appearance, it is extremely light on the skin. Therefore, it exfoliates the dry skin cells and moisturizes the lips at the same time.

Organic lip care products are devoid of any harmful toxic substance. Therefore, girls can use these items incessantly without being hesitant. Benefits and scents of lip balms are amplified when they are formulated at home using fresh and natural ingredients.

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