A step-by-step guide to apply foundation on the face

A step-by-step guide to apply foundation on the face

A foundation is a great way to achieve flawless skin. Immaterial of the type, you will certainly find a foundation that goes beautifully with your skin. After finding an apt foundation, you will need a good technique by which you can get the desired level of coverage and finish. Here are a few simple steps that will show how easily the foundation can be applied on the face.

Step 1: Clean your face
Before going ahead with any step, make sure your face is clean. There should not be grime, oil, or any other leftover makeup on your skin. You can do this by soaking a cotton pad in clean water and swiping your skin gently with it. It is always a good habit to wash your face and gently dab the skin with a damp cloth before sleeping.

Step 2: Using the moisturizer
After cleaning the face, the first thing that you should apply is a lightweight cream or a moisturizer. This should be done much before you apply your primer. You should give your moisturizer some time to settle down. During this time, the skin absorbs the moisturizer and is prepared for the primer.

Step 3: The coverage of the foundation
The first thing that you would want to focus on is the coverage you expect from the foundation. Depending upon the texture of your skin you can get medium or full coverage from most foundations available in the market.

Step 4: Choosing the shade
After you have decided your coverage and finish, you can choose your preferred shade. There are several ways to check which shade matches your tone but the simplest way is to put a shade on your face and then check how it would look under different lighting conditions. A natural light setting like the sunlight would give you the most accurate results.

Step 5: Setting the foundation with a brush or a finger
With the help of a brush, your choice of the foundation will give you a flawless finish. There are several brushes available in the market that can give you varied effects. A buffing brush, for instance, will provide you with a more natural finish as compared to a flat foundation brush, which will give a medium coverage.

Step 6: Blending and blotting
Use your brush or fingers to spread the foundation. Make sure that the foundation is evenly distributed. In addition, if you have oily skin, it is better to use a brush since, with fingers, the natural oil might mingle with skin. After you are satisfied with the foundation, you can use a tissue to get rid of the excess foundation.

Step 7: The final touch-up
If you are satisfied with the foundation and are not feeling any acne scars, redness, or zits on your face, tap on some concealer using your ring finger and let it sit for five minutes. Then using the tip of your sponge or brush, slightly blend the concealer.

There you are! There is no way your foundation will let you down. In fact, what you have now is a strong base for the rest of your makeup.

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