5 alternatives if you run out of eye primer

5 alternatives if you run out of eye primer

Beauty products getting over at the last minute can be a girl’s nightmare. Whether its kohl running out, your beloved lipstick getting over, or your eye shadow cracking right before you are all set to step out of the house – any of this can give any girl a panic attack. Similarly, when you run out of eye primer, your complete makeup can be messed up, especially if you are getting ready for work or going on a date. After all, no girl wants her eye makeup dropping on her eyelids.

But you don’t have to fret over your eye primer running out at the last moment. There are alternatives from your beauty closet that can come to your rescue at any point. Read on to discover more about these alternatives.

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera is the miracle your skin needs. From treating skin damages to giving it the glow it deserves, aloe vera gel is the magic potion that can treat almost all your skin woes. But its benefits do not end there. Did you know that aloe vera gel can be a good alternative for your eye primer too? The gel will moisturize your eyelid without making it oily. Thus, it can be the perfect base for your eyeshadow that stays on throughout the night.

That little bottle sitting in your makeup pouch can be the perfect base for your eye makeup. Concealers are made in a way that they last long and feel light. Therefore, they are the best alternatives when your eye primer runs out. Applying a concealer will make your eyeshadow look perfect, and it will make the eye makeup last through the night.

Your favorite highlighter can become one of the best alternatives for an eye primer. It will help you maintain the pigment of your eyelid, and in addition to that it will brighten and add some glow to your eyeshadow. If your choose bright eye makeup, using a highlighter as an eye primer should be the best option for you.

White eyeliner pencil
For most girls, a white eyeliner pencil is that fancy cosmetic that they would enjoy buying, but would never use. But now it is time that you put that white pencil that has been sitting in your makeup bag for ages to some good use. Fill your eyelid with the white pencil and apply your eyeshadow over it. Not only will this prevent creasing of the eye shadow, but it will also make your eye makeup look brighter.

Lip gloss
The stickiness of lip gloss will work wonders in keeping your eyeshadow in place. Moreover, it will add some sheen to your eye makeup also.

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