What to Know: Pet Friendly Travel

What to Know: Pet Friendly Travel

Having a pet means they’re part of the family so it’s heartbreaking to leave them when you go on vacation. The cost of kennels is expensive. Plus leaving your dog with strangers and other dogs can be stressful for your pet and yourself. Now you can consider taking your dog on vacation with you. There are beaches, hotels, and various businesses that will allow dogs in their store or restaurant. Don’t forget to bring vaccination papers, leash, scooper, and toys.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when planning a pet-friendly vacation:

1. Consult with your veterinarian
Discuss any major issues with your vet involving stress-related problems. A hotel room is quite smaller than your home and he may feel agitated. Your vet may be able to provide tactics for keeping your pet calm, safe, and comfortable during car travel.

2. Hotel lodging
Most hotels allow dogs, although there are some that won’t even consider them. If you’re planning on finding a pet-friendly hotel, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure your dog is used to people.
  • Find pet-friendly restaurants, if not leaving your dog in a hot car on hot summer days is very dangerous. Consider finding a dog daycare for outings that don’t allow pets.
  • Long distance trips can cause motion sickness in dogs and he/she could become very ill. Knowing where the closest Veterinarian is extremely important.
  • Some hotels require a fee or deposit for pets. Don’t be offended, if it’s too high, find another hotel.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the room for a long time, he may start barking and disturb the other guests in the hotel.
  • Bring a blanket for your pet to lay on during your stay.
  • Don’t allow dogs to jump on people. This can frighten children and make adults feel uncomfortable.
  • Pack enough toys for his entertainment.
  • Bring dog food and treats along with proper disposal for waste.

3. Traveling with a pet
If your dog isn’t used to riding in a car for long periods of time, take him along on short rides and work up to longer ones. This will help you find out if he has motion sickness. This will give you an understanding if he’s healthy for pet-friendly travel. It’s good to find this out before you leave on vacation. Pets shouldn’t sit on your lap, you may consider a dog car seat, harness, or travel crate. Cats should be in a carrier.

4. Pet essentials
Make sure you have water for your dog and make several stops throughout the day for him to relieve himself. Keep his collar on at all times in case he’s separated from you. You’ll also need dog or cat food and bowls, pet toys, treats, a pet first aid kit, and litter box (and clean litter) or waste bags. Keep your furry babies content and enjoy your stay!

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