Snacks for Picky Kids

Snacks for Picky Kids

In a world of processed foods and hormones, it is no wonder why parents are opting to provide their children with wholesome, protein rich snacks instead of the usual convenience, sugar loaded ones. Not only is protein vital for the formation of kids’ muscles, hair, teeth, nails and vital organs, it helps to fill them up for longer than simple carbohydrates. If your child is a picky eater, there are some great snacks for kids that are always a go to. Starting them in their earlier years on healthy snacks will help kids make wiser choices as they grow older.

Here are some healthy low-prep snacks for kids:

1. Trail mix
Picky eater? Get them to eat healthy by allowing them to choose the ingredients they want to use. In most grocery stores, you can purchase a variety of ingredients to make your own trail mix at home. You can mix nuts, seeds and dried fruit together to give them a snack they can munch on while watching television, or as a quick, long-lasting pick me up for the middle of the day.

2. Veggies and fruits
Veggies and hummus, and fruits with yogurt usually go over well with kids. When you mix it with some cheese slices, or make it fun by creating an activity that allows them to play with their food (making faces on a plate, make a toothpick tree with the veggies) it helps picky eaters to have more fun with foods they may not normally eat in another context.

3. Ants on a log
There aren’t many kids that don’t like peanut butter. However, if your child is allergic to nuts, you can always substitute the ingredients. Cream cheese makes a great carrier and you can use apples and raisins instead of celery and peanut butter. By switching up the ingredients, you child won’t get bored with it.

4. Smoothies
Fruit smoothies are a great way to incorporate vitamins and minerals into delicious protein rich snacks. Be sure to use Greek Yogurt as the base of your smoothie. It has less sugar than fruit yogurt and has more protein which will keep them fuller longer. These smoothies are great mid-morning or late afternoon.

It doesn’t take a lot to create healthy snacks. Mostly, it is just having a variety of ingredients on hand and allowing them to be selective about what they want. However, by providing them with options that they can choose from, they are more likely to make a good choice, if those are the only choices that are given. Help to support healthier kids by giving them foods that will make a difference in their bodies. Good proteins, fruits and vegetables can be quite enjoyable and will begin to replace the sugary empty carbohydrates they may have grown to be accustomed to.

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